Women and financial wellness

Earlier this year, we released a new Merrill Lynch study conducted in partnership with Age Wave, Women and Financial Wellness: Beyond the Bottom Line. The study celebrates the progress made by women, examines the financial challenges women still face throughout their lives and offers potential strategies.

“The reason why we spend time going deep into topics,” said Lorna Sabbia, head of Retirement & Personal Wealth Solutions, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, “is, first and foremost, to get a better understanding of what’s on the minds of our clients, the challenges they face and how we can work together to solve them.”

Lorna, Maddy Dychtwald, co-founder and senior vice president, Age Wave, and several other women came together on a panel that explored women’s economic impact and the role that money plays in women’s lives. View this video for highlights from their conversation.


Employers of all sizes have the opportunity to implement positive changes to help improve the financial wellness of their workforce.

Make the most of your position as a trusted source for financial guidance for employees.*

Conduct an audit of your benefits and compensation through a gender lens, and then thoughtfully develop plans to make any corrections for a more gender-equal workplace.

Include women and men in the conversation about how to effect positive change.

Download the complete study and share with your colleagues.

Help make female employees aware of the availability of resources designed with their unique needs in mind by forwarding this email.

Encourage your employees to learn more about women and financial wellness by accessing the findings of the study on Benefits OnLine®.

*Bank of America Merrill Lynch 2017 Workplace Benefits Report.

Age Wave is not affiliated with Bank of America Corporation.